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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

No not my card. I can "turn it all on" with np. I've been running highest quality with HDR and 16xAF @ 1680x.

I did have odd crashing with Win XP Pro x64 after one patch. I took my page file off my D drive and put it on my C drive, I then defragged D. I then put the page file page back on D yet told the "system to control it". I then defragged C. Haven't crashed since.

Game runs well overall. Sometimes it will pause to load a lot of things in a new area and that's VG not my system. They seem to be smoothing it out.

I have yet to try the game with Vista x64 or x32 bit. My copy is incoming.

x64 Vista can be picky:

"One of the key features of Windows Vista, automatic registry and file redirection--which, when combined with Microsoft's per-application and per-application-class "shimming," is responsible for most of this operating system's application compatibility capabilities--is not available on the x64 versions of Windows Vista. This is a major handicap and will presumably mean that many legacy applications simply will not run on the Windows Vista x64 versions. Too, new 64-bit applications will need to adhere to the new Windows Vista application standards in order to run correctly on these versions. That means that even some software written specifically for XP x64 might not work correctly."


I will be starting x32 myself and then moving to x64 Vista later. I won't be using more than 4gb ram and gaming benches are very close between the two with x32 sometimes having a large lead:

Honestly until I see a review that covers OGL performance and IQ with nVidia drivers in Vista it is likely going to sit on my shelf. I have a fully patched version of MCE 2005 on my rig right now.
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