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Default Re: Need some help getting to 2.8GHz with my A64 x2 4800.

Originally Posted by rHy0
Thanks for the quick replies guys.

About the ram voltages, yeah might seem a bit much to be putting it to 2.9v but i did it gradually cause i was trying to get prime stable. I think the stock voltage for my ram is 2.6. I have no need to reduce the HT multi cause when hitting 2.75GHz the ht bus is just on the 1000 mark, so i don't think that would cause instability... Unless you think so?

Havent really tried much at lowering the ram speed (timings) but have set it at 3-4-4-12 2t before with my A 3700+ and didnt do much. Do you have timings you suggest i try?

My ram is under 200Mhz at the moment according to CPU-Z. It's at 184Mhz. Would i need to lower it? I just don't want to slow my ram down to a crawl. I have it at ddr333 now. Should i try 266?

I really hope this isnt the limit! I have seen so much more potential with the 4800, why can't i get to 2.8 like everyone else Hopefully i will!!
the HTT should be fine as long as it is at 1k or below which it is, so that isn't the problem. The ram should also be fine since it is already below spec. The timings shouldn't matter as long as they worked before with a lower cpu clock. I think you've gotten rid of all of the other possible bottlenecks, so I'm guessing the cpu itself simply can't run any higher. There is always a wide variance between chips, and some just simply can't go as high as others.

You shouldn't need to give the ram any more volts than stock simply because it is underclocked and not overclocked.

Someone else might have some ideas, but I don't think you'll be able to get it much higher than it is now.
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