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Default Re: Need some help getting to 2.8GHz with my A64 x2 4800.

Even still it doesn't hurt to try lowering the HT. I remember with my 3700+ I had to run it at 3x. I am not 100% sure if i could do 4x with a 250fsb tho.
When I hit a wall I had to lower my ram from 333 to 266 to be stable.

Ok 2.9v doesn't seem that high now for your ram if it is rated at 2.6.
I was wondering because my DDR2 runs at 850mhz off of 2.1v. But it's been a while since I played with DDR1 voltages so I was unsure.

If you are running ram faster than the default speed you can try upping the timings by 1 each.
Instead of 3-4-4-12 do 4-5-5-15. If that works slowly lower them again to find the tightest timings that are stable.
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