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Originally Posted by TheHighHat
Hmm.. good points.

All I can say is that even if I fire off eight threads of high vertex (GPU bound) & high texture transfers (GPU bound) and a game and benchmark the harddrive... the most system tasking set of events I can do simultaneously... nothing bad happens.. so I think the PSU is handling the load well....

I have read that the 8800 can be CPU limited... but the Xeon Dempsey is a strong performer even at the low end.

argh... I guess the card could be faulty.. but are there any other signs or tools that would make this more clear?
A good way to check if it is the PSU is to use a second one to power the GFX card. If you have another ATX PSU lying around, you can take a piece of wire, and connect the green wire on the main 20 or 24 pin harness, to any of the black wires. This creates the connection to force the psu on when you plug it in. Then you can take and use either an adapter for the molex (should have came with a PCI-E to 2 molex adapter in the box with the card), or the PCI-E connection if you happen to have it. Plug that into the card from the second PSU, then try doing the tests. If the numbers look a lot better, then it is definetely the PSU, otherwise it could be a bad gfx card or something else that isn't set right.

It might be possible that you don't have the PCI-E slot set to 16x, but if the other card worked fine, usually you should get about the same performance out of the newer card, as it will go as fast as it can before something bottlenecks it.

Here is a pretty good example of how to force a psu to turn on without being connected to anything.
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