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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Originally Posted by lIqUID
Hilarious, especially considering the 64 has 3 of the top 10 rated games of all time, not to mention the #1 spot. The PS2 only has 1, and that's a port of a GC game (which scored higher than its PS2 counterpart).

Sure the PS2 is responsible for mainstreaming gaming, but saying that the 64 was **** and had no good games is just asinine.

Don't pretend like the PS2 was some genius brain child of Sony either. It had just as many if not more problems than the PS3 does. Sony won out on a fluke; they got ridiculously lucky. They were riding their name and grabbed the support of some key developers to give themselves momentum with very limited competition on the playing field. It was successful because it was the most popular console available, garnering the majority of support from the developers. Why not develop for the winning team? Unfortunately for them, they failed to recognize that they had serious pitfalls in the game plan from the getgo, and now its ****slapping them left and right in the PS3.

The PS3 is essentially a souped a PS2. Unfortunately for Sony, that doesn't bode well when there's already a next-gen console on the market with an 8 million headstart, a vastly better game library, secured exculsives with hugely popular game franchises on the way, better online services, and more developer support - all at a cheaper price tag. Sony is not riding its name out of this one, and Microsoft has never been in a better position. Don't even get me started on what the DS is doing to the PSP ("FATALITY" in the MK voice was ringing in my head as I typed that), not to mention how wildly successful the Wii is and will continue to be.

All this pessimism isn't to say that Sony can't clean their act up and pull themselves out of this maginot line-esque scenario they've dug themselves into, but the "PS2 Plan" they're pulling right now sure as **** isn't going to work. Their namesake still carries a ton of weight in the industry, they're just sitting on that weight and swinging their arrogance around instead. It's almost a shame. And don't think this is some Sony video-game hatemail, this is purely from a business perspective, I have enjoyed a ton of games on my PS2 and will be picking up Rogue Galaxy soon (comes out today right?). Of course this is all just my opinion and I'm sure a good majority of those here won't like it.

Yes, Microsoft and the 360 aren't perfect, and neither is Nintendo's Wii, but their negatives pale in comparison to the virtual suicide it looks like Sony is trying to committ. They've set themselves up a blind firing squad; maybe they'll get lucky again, maybe they'll get shot (somewhere other than the foot). We'll see.
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