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Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]


Are you also a valued member of the Rage3d forums, too?

Besides, lemme just mention two words for you:

ati drivers.

The main reason why I'd pick nvidia over ati any day, I've been screwed by ati too many times in the past.

ATI Rage 128!!! Whoa!!!

Crashes! ****ty 16 bit! Bad Performance! $572 CDN

Ati Radeon (original!)

SLOW! Drivers! Crashes, Visual anomalies! Incompatibilities! $456 CDN

Nvidia GeForce2 Gts

Fast, Stable, compatible, ****ty 16 bit, but who cares when 32 bit is just as fast. $319

Let's just say I won't be getting an ATI card anytime soon.

oh yes, and i hate trolls. Ok?
True about the ATI drivers in general. I won't get any of the new ATI Catalyst drivers for awhile because of complaints about graphics problems in games like Morrowind. If the Radeon 9700 uses a new Catalyst driver and if some games STILL have those problems, ATI fans will really be ticked off. And ATI was gaining a little in driver quality in the spring of this year.

Rage 128, yeah, poor performance, it stuttered too much in the latest games back then for me.

Yes, original Radeon still too slow.

I remember my only Nvdia, the Creative TNT 1 wiping out ATI for speed, and I know the trend continued on with the GF2, 3 and 4.

But about the color tweakers for GF4s. I noticed another recent thread in a forum here about the Riva Tuner making the colors more vibrant for the GF4s. Does the Ti4600 need a color boost out of the box? If the Riva Tuner works then fine.

Well, as for the 8500 it has great DVD playback.


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