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Default Re: Vista Application Compatibility Thread

"Microsoft has worked closely with NVIDIA to ensure that NVIDIA GPUs are excellent Windows Vista-ready solutions," said Anantha Kancherla, principal group program manager at Microsoft. "In addition, NVIDIA's work with DirectX 10 has resulted in outstanding GPUs that will exceed gamers' needs for the next generation."
I am so ashamed to be of Indian origin (Anantha Kancherla is Indian) Microsoft has probably worked with Nvidia in bed. Its been 3 months since RTM, no working SLI Drivers for 8800's on Vista yet. Oh well maybe they will be out tomorrow, even then I fail to understand why they didnt work with Microsoft's so called elite OS with 5 yrs of effort and almost 5 million beta testers to test and certify popular hardware.

Anyways doesnt matter anymore and people who want to say that I am impatient need to get a life. I paid for a solution!! Not begging for one
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