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Default Re: Call me what you want...

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Why 20GB though? Don't care for the Wifi?

EDIT: If you don't have a PS2, get some PS2 titles aswell... God of War is not one to miss out on.
WiFi is actually a requirement for me, as my router is upstairs and the console is downstairs. However, I have the D-Link DGL-3420 wireless adapter that will be sharing duty with my 360. Once I registered the PS3 on my network, it connected right away via the D-Link adapter. Later I may spring for another 3420. I wouldn't have used the card reader either, so all in all it didn't make sense to spring for the 60 GB model.

On the PS2 titles, I definitely want to check out God of War, but I've got other stuff to play first. I'm in over my head enough as it is right now. When I finish Red Steel and Resistance maybe.

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
but don't PS2 titles look really really bad on a PS3?
This issue was supposedly fixed with the latest software update. There was a thread about it here not too long ago to validate it. I don't have any PS2 games so I couldn't tell you.

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Still got the christmas mat out?
Yeah, that's where the dirty shoes go when we have guests. We're too lazy/cheap to buy a new one.

Originally Posted by OWA
Yeah, I'm not sure I've seen any 20GB models (in regards to being tough to find). I wonder what the ratio was for the launch.
I've been curious about this as well, not only in terms of the ratio of units available at launch but also the overall take rate between the two. At least in the Chicago area, there have been by far more 60 GB models on shelves. Since the day after Christmas, counting my purchase, I've seen maybe 10 total 20 GB ones and literally dozens of 60s. I know our Fry's had two the day after Christmas, and in purusing local Best Buys there have been just one or two. The GameStop where I bought mine still had one more 20.
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