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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal
But that WAS his oppinion, and one that I share. Why do you people have problems with oppionions? Some people will say that the GC sucked, just like some people say that the PS3 sucks - even though the real games arent out yet.

Hey, IM no saint. I really think that most if not all of nintendos 1st party games are for kids who likes little green elfs and princess dazy... This whole forum is filled with oppinions.

Rated by eveyone? Not by me, nor my friends, nor by some here, so please.
You wanna argue taste?
You're free to have the opinion that N64 games sucked, and free to voice it. We, by that same measure, are free to hold the opinion that you are an idiot, and free to voice it.

Deal with it.
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