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Default Re: Vista Application Compatibility Thread


Just to drop a bit of happiness in here...

Tried on a prelease (RC1 or RC2, not sure) with a GF7800GT and pre-release drivers:
- Everquest 1 - Ok
- Everquest 2 - Ok

Tried (for my nephew's PC) on RC2 64 bits with a Go7900GS and pre-release drivers (moded to install on the Go7900GS):
- NFSMW - Ok (minor defects due to pre-release drivers)
- Call of Duty 1 Demo - Ok (may be minor defects due to pre-release drivers, I don't remember)
- Call of Duty 2 - Ok (minor defects due to pre-release drivers)
- Nolf 1 - Ok
- Nolf 2 - Ok
- Contract Jack - Ok
- BF2 - Ok
- BF 2142 - Ok
- Fear - Ok
- Half-Life 2 - Ok
- San Andreas GTA - Ok

Tried on RTM 64 bits with a GF6600 and pre-release drivers:
- NFSMW - Ok (slower than XP, to be expected on pre-release drivers)
- Trackmania Nation - Ko

Tried on RTM 64 bits with a GF8800GTX and 100.30 drivers:
- NFSMW - Ok
- last but not least: Pong - Ok! (this pong, of course )

Tried on RTM 64 bits with a GF8800GTX and 100.54 drivers:
- NFSMW Ok (seems about on par with XP 32bits, but I've made only a very quick check)

I don't play much, so I haven't tried many games. So far, only TrackMania Nation didn't work, because of the protection system (yes, there's a protection system on it, I believe it's to certify your replay files as the game is free) and I haven't retried it since then. I haven't tried it on the 32 bits Vista.

I would recommand to not be too shy on the RAM, because Vista uses it. I'm not very representative of the average user, as I'm both using Media Center and having more than 800000 indexed files for the search function (no typo), but in my case it uses typically between 500 M to 1 G (generaly around 700 M), depending on the use - it looks like using Media Center and indexing loads of docs is what makes the difference.

Dual boot with XP works well. My biggest problem is that I'm now used to press F8, up, up, Enter when booting in order to allow unsigned drivers because I still have one driver that's not yet signed, which should hopefully not last for long now. Also, I'm still using pre-release drivers for the nf4 motherboard, they're working fine for me with the RTM.

Finally, with the 100.54 drivers the few DX10 samples are now all working correctly on the GF8, although I'm expecting performance improvements in future releases. Not really urgently needed anyway, given the number of DX10 titles available on the market now... :P

I'm happily running Vista x64 RTM since about a month (thank-you Microsoft!), it's working well, way more responsive than my good old XP. As you can see, a few minor incompatibilities here and there, but really no major problems - and that's with the 64 bits version. I'm looking forward to make my farewell to my good old XP in the next few months.

Hope this will help...

Edit: I'll try tomorow to see how R6:Vegas and BF2 are doing on the GF8 with the 100.54...

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