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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Lol, but when a proffesional reviewer gives the new zelda 86, you all say he is stupid.
Please tell me what in the game is so perfect? The story? The graphics? The gameplay? The sound? Is it so out of this world? Is it far better to any other game? Or is it all subjective?

Now please tell me how the heck an old game is BETTER than a new version?
Fun is subjective, Better is not. If you will say that certain old games allowed the evolution of what we have today, than I'll agree 100%. But saying for example that the 1st zelda is better than the newest one is fanboism.

Thank god that when the older (Im 24 btw), more "ancient" hardcore gamers will be long gone, noone will take Zelda or other "top games of all time" this way. Than, the real games will take the spotlight. And so on and so on...
And then we'll all trade places.

Zelda might have been an awesome game when it came out, and it may have given rise to newer games, and it may still be fun to play (for some lazy gamers who dont like innovation as much), but its nowhere near a good game like the ones who got after it.

Im usuing Zelda as an example here, this can be said on other games.
Please make sure to draw the line between fun and good.

Yours truely, the idiot.
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