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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
lmfao a site war?

Most people at nVnews have jobs, a family, and a real life, and could really give two shakes about a "site war." (that's got to be one of the gayest things I've ever read - a site war LOLerz)

Agreed, I have been following this thread since it was poste on Rage3d and has shifted over here..I am from Rage(Originally) and this is the gayest and stupidest thing I have EVER seen in my life as forum user and I have been a Moderator at the steam forums for about a year and trust me when I tell you this thread competes with some of the best of them on steam and you all know the kind of post's/threads made over that is saying alot. Anyway this guy deserve's everthing being told to him...I mean seriouly..a site war? PEOPLE HAVE LIVES and dont have time for these kiddy games. I love both Rage and Nvnews of course I spend more time at rage and prefer it over nvnews at the end of the day but thats because my first vid card was an ati card. Needless to say that is besides the point, MikeC (along with everyone else on this forum) have always carried themselves in a courteous and professional manner and the users on this forum have always been very kind to me in offering help and things of that nature and quite frankly i am embarrased to say that me and this tool are from the same forum. I honestly can see this guy's point or at least what he is TRYING to say but the bottom line is this guy just DOES NOT know what he is talking about and as others have stated,its a common mistake but nevertheless he owes MikeC an apology.

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