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Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]


Are you also a valued member of the Rage3d forums, too?

Besides, lemme just mention two words for you:

ati drivers.

The main reason why I'd pick nvidia over ati any day, I've been screwed by ati too many times in the past.

ATI Rage 128!!! Whoa!!!

Crashes! ****ty 16 bit! Bad Performance! $572 CDN

Ati Radeon (original!)

SLOW! Drivers! Crashes, Visual anomalies! Incompatibilities! $456 CDN

Nvidia GeForce2 Gts

Fast, Stable, compatible, ****ty 16 bit, but who cares when 32 bit is just as fast. $319

Let's just say I won't be getting an ATI card anytime soon.

oh yes, and i hate trolls. Ok?
So that's release prices for the ATI cards and pricewatch prices four months after the GTS came out?

From my memory, the GTS and Radeon 64 ViVo were very similar in price... nothing like the difference you are stating.
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