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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Originally Posted by Namrok
This doesn't even make sense. The criteria games are judged on is fun. Therefore, a good game is fun, and vice versa.
Right... you like to be a smartass, thats ok, Im like that too sometimes. Go play your good fun games, while I'll play mine ok?

How can you cater fun to people, when fun is sujective? Some people find playing racers fun while others not. Some said it themselves, we like graphics best etc. Can you honestly tell me that every kind (and I mean every kind) of games that got high scores from 'respected proffesionals' were fun to you? Or do you have your kind of games that you like/dislike?

Every score made about a game is directed towards that game's audience. I don't find GRAW for instance to be a fun game, its too slow for me and it get boring very quickly for me. Yet I can acknoledge that this game is made good - graphics are ace, gameplay is ace (very realistic - which is why while I find the game boring, I have no problem reccomending it to people who likes this kind), sound is awesome and so on... Yet I dont find it fun.

See where Im going? You cant cater fun to everyone, and if you try to force it, that youre the idiot.

Deal with it.

May fanboism die a painful death.
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