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Default Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?

Originally Posted by Alaa
I noticed NTSC 4.43 in my TV will that work with the American Xbox360?

and there is also NTSC 3.58
Seems like if the TV supports NTSC that it should work but I'd wait for someone else to confirm that. I found the below item on the xbox live site. It seems to indicate it's not recommended to use an xbox 360 from a different region.

Edit: But in another support area, they mention this:

Verify that the TV is set to the same video broadcast system as your console (PAL or NTSC). For example, if you have an NTSC console, make sure that your TV supports NTSC.
That makes it sound like it should work but maybe you'll have other issues that the other link alludes to. I don't know. Hopefully someone has done this and can answer for sure.
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