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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal
Right... you like to be a smartass, thats ok, Im like that too sometimes. Go play your good fun games, while I'll play mine ok?

How can you cater fun to people, when fun is sujective? Some people find playing racers fun while others not. Some said it themselves, we like graphics best etc. Can you honestly tell me that every kind (and I mean every kind) of games that got high scores from 'respected proffesionals' were fun to you? Or do you have your kind of games that you like/dislike?
Inconsequential. I don't enjoy every movie that gets good ratings, it doesn't mean those movies suck. It just means I don't like romance movies. It means my taste don't run in that vein. I never play sports games, and generally shy away from racers. It doesn't mean that all sports games suck, or that all racers are lame. There IS criteria within those genres that define what makes a game fun, and what makes it lame. Gran Turismo is very good at what it does. The best even. And if you don't like it, well, that just means you hate realistic driving games. Period. It has little to do with a lack of quality in the game, it's main draw just doesn't appeal to you. It's not for you. An intelligent individual can recognize this without shouting and yelling about how much a game sucks.

Unless we are talking about MMO's, those all suck
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