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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Me shouting about those games sucking were only ment to sting the link_fan.

Namrok, I have major respect for Nintendo for their influence. The reasone I dont like playing their games is that they always seem so childish to me. I mean, I enjoyed playing mario ALOT when I was younger.
Gran Turismo is my no1 racer ever, I would like to try Forza sometime (if I had the money ). I play guildwars (if thats even considered an MMO), I like RPGS - both on consoles and PC. I like shooters and I like almost everything really. But basically, I think you got my point, so its all good.
Unless you didnt get my point, so you can feel free to jab me if you want.
No better place to jab than on Nvnews consoles forum!
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