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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by OWA
I ate there so often at one point and always ordered the same thing that I didn't even have to order. I'd walk in and they'd start getting my food ready. Ah, those were the days...
I wouldn't say I'm that bad lol but I prefer BK when getting food while at work. I'll say something and I believe everyone will agree with me here. Health food is more expensive than junk food. Isn't that insane? I don't mind eating vegatables, grilled over fried foods, and etc, but I'm a broke college kid! I can't afford to cook my meals everynight (work), buy the lower carb foods (more expensive ironically) or go to a fast food place for something "healthy".

But like my statement, no wonder America is so fat (in a sense) lol. I'm I wrong?
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