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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by Namrok
I've made jokes about losers with a "usual" at a fast food place...but I never honestly thought they existed. Now out of morbid curiosity...I have to ask, how much do you weigh?
Hey man, when you like to eat something, you get it more than once. I can do they same thing at my local taco bell. Just walk in and hand the lady my money, and she makes my food. When you don't have time or are just getting something to eat while your at work, the choices can be limited. My weight: 167lbs, so no I'm not a fat ass from eating fast food all the time.

I think the burger alone is probably okay for you, since it covers all of the pyramid in one step. (bread, vegtables, dairy, meat, and sometimes fruits) The really bad part for you is the fries, since it is fried in 5 gallons of fat. A burger with a side salad and water is probably a well rounded meal. It might have a little extra fat, but it is still better than having fries, dessert, or a shake.

@Absolution: You'd actually be suprised every now and then. It all depends on what store you walk into. I'd say on average BK tastes a little better, but I've been to a few McDs that were probably some of the best fast food I've had. The quality of the food depends more upon the resturant than the food itself.

EDIT: to try to keep on topic though
Originally Posted by toxikneedle
And incase you're wondering why it's in the console forums, the 3 burger king xbox/360 games helped BK get a 40 percent spike in the quarterly report. It's pretty crazy and at the same time, I can imagine what we'll be seeing from now on.
I saw the games they offered, but I really didn't think they were anything good. I guess they were a big hit with younger kids. Considering they were xbox only, I wouldn't have expected it to do that well, since the xbox is going by the wayside in favor of the 360. However, does the 360 do BC? If it does, then I can see how this would be a better idea.
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