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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by Bman212121
Hey man, when you like to eat something, you get it more than once. I can do they same thing at my local taco bell. Just walk in and hand the lady my money, and she makes my food. When you don't have time or are just getting something to eat while your at work, the choices can be limited. My weight: 167lbs, so no I'm not a fat ass from eating fast food all the time.

I think the burger alone is probably okay for you, since it covers all of the pyramid in one step. (bread, vegtables, dairy, meat, and sometimes fruits) The really bad part for you is the fries, since it is fried in 5 gallons of fat. A burger with a side salad and water is probably a well rounded meal. It might have a little extra fat, but it is still better than having fries, dessert, or a shake.
You're not getting a well balanced pyramid meal at burger king. You're getting man-mad processed crap. Everything on that burger is processed with chemicals to save money, but drastically reduces the health benefits.

And I don't eat healthy for my weight. I've come to realize that no matter what I eat, I'll always weigh about 165-170lbs. Maybe its genetics, maybe it's the fact that I have such a high metabolism due to working my ass off every day. Either way I count myself lucky in that regard.

However, something that a lot of people fail to realize (and it's really common sense when you think about it) is that food is literally a mind-altering drug. ANYTHING you ingest is potentially mind altering. Eating man-made processed chemical **** leads to depression and lack of energy. Now, nothing is nearly as badly processed as what you get in fast food, but I've seen it make enough of a difference in me that I'll only buy food that has not been processed with chemicals (with a few exceptions).
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