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Default Re: Vista Application Compatibility Thread

Well so far I've not run across any of my apps that don't work, this includes:

-Nightly build .9 versions of VLC work. (VLC .8.x versions do not unless you use OpenGL)
-Fire Fox

-World of Warcraft - Frequent hard locks and BSOD's at random intervals. There are previously known issues with some areas in Burning Crusade & 8800GTX drivers in XP (imagine issues are still present in Vista), that cause a BSOD 100% of the time, this may be part of the problem.

Originally Posted by MrMike
Why in the world anyone would install a Microsoft OS before at least the first service pack is beyond my comprehension. This has happened with every single MS OS in the past and its going to continue into the future. Right now and for the foreseeable future there is no reason to install Vista. There is no direct x 10, no direct x 10 REQUIRED games, and nothing usable that Vista does that XP does not do. This is just an expanded beta test period that MS does but they charge people to participate. Now a year from now things will probably be completely different, but if you want to keep using your PC's and playing your games glitch free then don't install Vista. It is as simple as that.

Upgrading just because you can will cause nothing but problems.
Experienced early-adopters dual-boot so we can run the new O/S as much as we can, but when we really need something we use our previous OS. Considering that nearly any piece of software can fail I do not see your point. You say we are in an expanded beta test, so? Early adopters are the reason that SP1's even exist. They are the reason open source technology moves anywhere at all. Stop filling up this thread with your anti-Early Adoption banter and let those with it report their issues and/or fixes.
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