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Default I can't install Nvidia drivers on GF6600

Good day!
I have installed Mandriva2007
It is my the first linux )
All work fine
but when i want to enable 3D-interface - i have a note , - that my system does not support this ((
Then i'm downloading Google Eart 4 - it writes - that i need display drivers for fast work
I'm downloading to itself of the driver for GF6600 -
During installation - writes - no precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel
In a file readme I found this :

You must have the source code for your kernel installed for
compilation to work. On most systems, this means that you will need to locate
and install the correct kernel-source, kernel-headers, or kernel-devel

But, where can i find kernel-source, kernel-headers or kernel-devel package?
May be - kernel-headers allready installing in my system - but how can i check this ?
And my main question : where can i find and downloading kernel-source package ?
I'm using Mandriva2007 Free Edition
kernel 2.6.17-5mdv on an i686/tty1
CPU - Athlon 3000+
Video - GeForce 6600
RAM - 512Mb

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