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Default Re: Talk about hitting the wall. Look at these PSP "sales"

Originally Posted by tornadog
just sold mine 2 weeks back. Lucky I recovered the entire cost and then some. Mine was the rare 1.5 firmware, which is probably the only reason to have one right now. Another one of Sony's potientially great product gone to waste.
1.5 is hardly rare anymore since a downgrader has been released for 3.03 and below...

I've still got my PSP and I love it. The games that I loved to play before, I still love to play. I have yet to see anything video-wise that makes me want to switch from my PSP either. With the custom firmwares out there now, I think the PSP is finally starting to actually see it's true potential. It's just too bad that it's taken a fan and not Sony to actually achieve it.

I find it hilarious how so many people jump on the bandwagon of "Oh the PSP isn't selling well. It must suck. I have to get rid of mine now or else I won't be cool!" I'm not saying that's your particular reason tornadog, but I've seen many do it.
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