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Default Re: Failed to load GLX after new hard drive

Thanks so much for the additional ideas.

Originally Posted by adamk75
You can run "kldstat" to get a list of loaded kernel modules. You should see one called 'nvidia'.
Thanks for this instruction. I ran kldstat and yes, nvidia.ko is in there.

What is the file size of the
I've downloaded the 4365 driver from nvidia's website, and it looks like it should be 681008 bytes.
Yes, the size agrees, 681008.

Have you tried reinstalling the 4365 driver? You can download it from: url][/url]
I already have this TAR file. Before starting this thread, I did a make clean followed by a make setup. Then I checked to be sure the appropriate Device Section showing Driver "nvidia" exists in XF86config. Then I checked to be sure the kernel contains the needed USER_LDT support. I did not reinstall the driver patch, but it was installed originally.

The more I get in to this, the more I am suspicious that the problem is not the NVIDIA driver and the failure to install GLX has been there all along. Maybe I am simply not using GLX. I'm not even sure what it is.

The KDE failure message says "Could not start KDEinit, check installation." Previous experience suggests that this message can mean lots of different things. Maybe this is a KDE problem, not a video driver problem.

What do you think?

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