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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
You're not getting a well balanced pyramid meal at burger king. You're getting man-mad processed crap. Everything on that burger is processed with chemicals to save money, but drastically reduces the health benefits.

You can go to a Burger King and order a Salad. It will still be mindblowingly more unhealthy than cooking your own food or eating SOMETHING decently healthy.

You know whats anoying? When people say "health food is expensive". No its not. You are too lazy to fix your own food is the problem. I eat HEALTHY and probably spend LESS than most of you. Wanna know what an average meal for me is?

10oz-12oz Chicken Breast with whatever seasoning I please (the chicken sells for around $2 a lb. You do the math)
Salad with cheese, tomatos, cucumbers, olives, and a vinagerette(around $1 a serviing)
Whole Grain Rice (I don't even look at the price tag its so rediculously low in price)
Side of veggies(Gotta have them carbs! Carbs are GOOD for you despite what stupid diet you have read about)
Water (free)

THAT is a healthy meal.

Thats around $3 bucks for a healthy filling meal. You go to McDonalds and spend at least $6-$7 on a Lardburger with Extra Large Lard Covered Fries. Don't forget that $2 Extra Large Coke you think you are getting a deal on because the small is $1.89!

Wanna know another thing that bugs the hell out of me? "I only weight XXX lbs and I am skinny as can be! I eat fast food all the time and am STILL healthy!". No, you aren't healthy. You are dumb for thinking you are. Skinny does not equal healthy. Alot of times it means nothing at all or THE EXACT OPPOSITE.
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