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Default Re: Talk about hitting the wall. Look at these PSP "sales"

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
Nintendo is to handhelds as Microsoft is to operating systems.

Nintendo has proven time and time again, that they are the handheld King, but every once in a while a foolish company like Sony comes around and tries to topple them - and fails. To Sony's credit, they probably did the best out of anyone (though gamegear did decently), but I've heard rumors that Nintendo is going to announce the DS2.0 this year (announce not release) and supposedly it has gamecube caliber graphics which basically stomps any advantage the PSP has over it. Meanwhile the PSP will keep chugging along, but in a year or two it will wither up and die just like all of Nintendo's other competition.

BTW has anyone seen the demographic of people who own PSPs? It's hilarious. The only people walking around New York that have PSPs are the "thugged out" gangsta's. You know the ones with 5lbs of gold bling around their necks, and a 59/50 ballcap with the bill still flat and the price tag still attached. On the other hand people who walk around with a DS Lite are usually normal people.
Gamecube quality graphics?!?! HAHAHAHA This from the company who has given up on the graphics race... I expect the "DS2.0" to have slightly better graphics and probably more interactivity but to say Gamecube quality is just laughable.

BTW, The PSP in sales is not too far behind the DS when you look at the US sales number, worldwide its far behind but in the US its still going pretty strong. DS has 10 million in the US while PSP is almost at 7 million, thats not dominating so much here... I mean thats nothing like the 37million PS2s to the 12 million gamecubes now is it?
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