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Default Re: Connecting 360 and PS3 to a single ethernet adapter?

Originally Posted by ENU291
Ahhhhh... OK I see whats going on. You are turning a wired ethernet connect to a wireless connection with the 3420. The problem I see straight off the bat is that the 3420 is acting as just 1 device meaning that it only has 1 IP address. It is not NATing or assigning DHCP address like a normal router. Since this is the case I'm not entirely sure that connecting all your consoles to a switch then the 3420 will assign all the consoles IP addresses. What SHOULD work is having your wireless router upstairs and a wireless bridge downstairs OR two 3420s.
I think you CAN use a switch with that device. There is an easy way to check. The device itself is using an ip adress, and would be acting as a bridge device. You don't need a nat or DHCP, since it should broadcast all lan traffic right through it. If you look on either your PS3 or 360 right now, you can see what IP your getting. I'm willing to bet your being assigned an IP by your router already. So if you add a switch, it will just pass that info right along to another device. The only difference between that device and a whole unit is that it doesn't have a built in switch.

If you were to buy that whole router thing, you'd be doing that same thing as just adding a switch to your 3420. The only difference is that unit has the switch built it, but it works the exact same way.

EDIT: I would suggest getting that switch you quoted in the first post, it's only $25 at BB.

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