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Default Re: Talk about hitting the wall. Look at these PSP "sales"

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
The technology was there to make the Wii graphically superior to the X360... Nintendo doesn't care about competing on the graphics end, they have shown us this.

I expect the next Nintendo Handheld to have some sort of motion sensing device or possibly a built in camera...
I doubt the camera, but perhaps tilt sensors and rumble would be strong additions, especially given that many DS games have rumble options, but you need an add in pack that goes in the GBA slot. Primarily they'd probably go with larger screens, closing up the gap between the screens, and an incremental boost in power, although to be honest I don't see why that would be necessary, especially given that games like Phoenix Wright, Final Fantasy III, and Elite Beat Agents have taken up the majority of my play time.
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