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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
While what you just posted is a healthier diet that what 95% of America eats, when you take a step further and try to remove all processed chemicals out of your diet it does get expensive.

Regular chicken costs around $3 a pound. This chicken is a lot healthier than any crap you'll get at a fast food or chain restaurant, but it still comes from a farm where the chicken is injected with growth hormones (chemical crap that ends up in your cooking), and the chickens are kept in unhealthy conditions which degrades the quality of the meat.

Now you can buy "organic chicken" which basically means the chickens get to roam free, no steroids, and have an all natural diet of organic food. However, this kind of chicken costs around $10 a lb which isn't cheap. But it tastes a lot better, no chemicals in it, and the fat ratio is much lower.

When you apply this idea across the board and try to remove process chemicals completely from your diet... grocery bills get expensive. But if you have the extra money it's worth it imho, because you will feel a lot better.
I totally agree with you here. It's definitely more expensive to eat healthy food than unhealthy. The only thing I want to point out is that fat isn't bad for you - 20% of all our energy should come from fats. There are unhealthy fats and healthy ones and one shouldn't avoid those.
You've only got one life so why ruin it by eating a freaking burger that makes you "happy" for about two minutes? I'm seriously never gonna take my kids to McDonald's(at the time I have any I'm sure McD is gonna be banned anyways ).
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