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Default Re: Failed to load GLX after new hard drive

Originally Posted by adamk75
I have to agree. It seems unlikely that the failure to load the glx module would cause KDE not to work properly. You can always try gnome or some other simple window manager to see if X will start with those.
Well, your input caused me to persist until I found the problem. I went back and checked my notes concerning new hard drive startup using my backup drive. I have a list of directories that are not backed up and need to be re-created. I found that I had failed to create the /var/run directory. I created it, rebooted, and KDE fired right up.

Talk about feeling stupid. I did learn some things with this exercise, but I'm sorry to have wasted the time of some great people with this thread. Thanks to all of you. Your offers of help have been greatly appreciated. Without your input, I might have given up and never found the problem.

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