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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

The BK games out this time around run on the 360 without using backward compatibility. I went in and bought one meal and ponied up the extra for the other two games, they are quite fun.

For those curious there was a gamasutra article on on the topic of: What makes a top selling game? It is good or cheap.

Now we know, and they ain't that bad.

As for fast food the franchise that uses the highest quality beef is Wendy's and they use grade C.
The chicken in Subway sandwiches is pre-processed and given the shape burnmarks of chicken breast.
McDonalds may not be very healthy for you, but lets face it. If your poor, and alot of people are. It is a meal you can live off of and it provides the vitamins and minerals to grow.
Besides eating junk food and drinking pop is just as much a issue as eating fast food, a well rounded diet with excercise is the best way to go.
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