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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by six_storm
Around here, healthy food (such as TygerWoody suggested) is still expensive. I'm about 5-10lbs overweight at the moment (Christmas lol) but I think that my biggest problem is not working out as often and eating late at night. I work until 1AM almost every night, therefore when I get home, I'm up for a while trying to fall asleep and sometimes get hungry. I don't eat a full meal at 1AM, but I snack (that's one of the worst habits ever vs. 3 square meals a day). I plan on starting to work out again once I can get a steady schedule going with the new semester + homework + work.
Eating late at night being a factor in being overweight is a MYTH. Eating late is perfectly fine.

Snacking is healthy as well. Hell, snacking is MORE healthy than not snacking. It all depends on WHAT it is you are snacking. Is it twinkies? Donuts? Or is it something healthy?

Here is the NUMBER 1 best diet to lose weight the HEALTHY way. Are you ready?

Eat healthy(by eat healthy I really mean EAT HEALTHY. Not that atkins, i wanna ruin my body, crap diet. CARBS ARE GOOD. Learn the difference in good carbs and bad carbs. Eat good CLEAN foods. If it didn't come directly from nature, unaltered, chances are it isn't healthy.)

Eat small meals(yes, even when you go to buffets. There is a reason why other countries have less obese people than US. Go to another country and look at the size of meals. They are half the size of ours and are PLENTY for you to eat and stay healthy.)

Eat often (5-6 meals a day)

If you are hungry, SNACK!!! Very important! You NEVER want your body to be hungry. If you ever go hungry, the next thing you put in your body, healthy or not, will turn into fat!!!!

Don't "reward" yourself for eating good. Eating a huge cake just because you ate a salad for dinner will not do you any good.(NEVER eat a ****ing salad for dinner. Salads are for rabbits. You aren't a rabbit. You are a Blood Hungry HUMAN BEING! YOU NEED MEAT! YOU NEED CARBS!)

Set ONE(one(one(one))), I repeat ONE, MEAL/Snack a WEEK to eat something not so "healthy". Go ahead, eat that chocolate cake. Eat that Whopper. You went a week eating healthy food. You DESERVE ONE MEAL THAT ISN"T THAT HEALTHY. One meal does not mean 2. It does not mean and entire day, week, month of bad food. You get ONE reward meal a week. THATS IT. It is IMPORTANT to have one "cheat" meal. It will keep you on your "diet" and will allow your body to be use to eating crap foods every now and then.

Stay away from soda's, juice, beer, and alcohol(except for on your reward meal! drink what you want!).

Drink ALOT of water. If you drink alot of water, you body has no need to store water. Just by simply drinking MORE water you can lose a good 10 lbs.

Exercise moderately. Get some sun. Nothing huge. You don't have to run a mile every day to be healthy. Just do something a few times a week that burns calories. Nothing big. They key to being at a good weight is more diet than exercise.

Damnit I need to start a new thread on dieting since i talk about it so much...
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