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Default Re: Burger King profits up 40 percent

Originally Posted by Lyme
McDonalds may not be very healthy for you, but lets face it. If your poor, and alot of people are. It is a meal you can live off of and it provides the vitamins and minerals to grow.
Thats the biggest load of bull**** I have ever heard.

The only reason poor people eat McDonalds is because they are dumbasses, Lazy, and CLUELESS. That "one dollar menu" that poor people thrive off of where they think they are getting a deal is NOT GIVING YOU ANYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW!!!! You'd get more vitamins and minerals from eating grass/bugs than anything off the McDonalds menu.

Poor people are poor for a reason. They aren't bright enough to make a good income. IF they aren't bright enough to bring in a good income, chances are they aren't bright enough to know what their body actually needs to survive. Haven't you noticed most poor people are fat? Sounds like they are eating TOO much(as opposed to too little which is what you would think a poor person would be like) and simply eating the wrong things.

I challenge anyone to show me ONE MEAL that McDonalds has that is cheaper than something I can fix on my own that is HEALTHIER. This "poor people can only afford McDonalds" is a load of garbage. I can fix meals cheaper and better than McDonald's SH*T Special.
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