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Default Re: Two installer bugs

Originally Posted by zander
Thanks for your feedback.

The first problem is intended behavior and ensures that no NVIDIA driver components are still in use; this helps avoid e.g. X server crashes on some systems when the NVIDIA X driver module is replaced while still in use by the X server.

The second problem definetely isn't the intended behavior.

The problem with the first situation is that it occurs when regularly scheduled (automatic, system unattended) maintenance updates mesa-libGL files or xorg-x11-server-Xorg files, as has happened several times recently (for Fedora). Without the ability to refresh the userland files, the next time the user logs off and X attempts to restart, it will fail.

Re-running the Nvidia installer is the only way to correct that, and as long as the kernel has not changed, the kernel module will continue to function. It's an advanced option for a reason. The alternative is an on-site visit to each workstation, or training everyone on kernel and Nvidia administration.

The worst case scenario is that X can crash and recover, but X crashing and not recovering is a 100% certainty without this option working as expected.

Please reconsider that portion of the implementation.
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