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Default Nvidia and nvidia-legacy

I have 3 monitors - 2 attached to an NVidia 6600 dual-head AGP card and another one attached to an NVidia Vanta PCI card.

In order to do Xinerama across all 3, I need both cards to work - but one card is supported by nvidia and the other by nvidia-legacy.

Unfortunately, it seems no forsight was given to using BOTH drivers - they have the same name and symbols.

Has anyone managed to get nvidia *and* nvidia-legacy working at the same time? I can go out and buy another PCI card, but most PCI cards use chipsets only supported by nvidia legacy. My other option is to have the second card be ATI, but I'd rather not - I hate their linux support, and I suspect the idea of crossing xinerama between the two of them might be ugly.

- Phil
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