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Default Re: Nvidia 8776/9746 with 2.6.20-rc5

Yes, I think so.
When I was using Ubuntu edgy, which is using, it wasn't producing the problem, but of course, the kernel was provided by ubuntu itself.
Then I started compiling the kernels, started from 2.6.20-rc5.
I'm using the same configuration as ubuntu used at the first time, then I altered some SATA settings(irrelevant to nvidia driver)
Since when I started using my own kernel, my 3d program has this corruption problem(beryl, game savage)

OK now I'm recompiling the kernel without the apgart enabled, see if it works with nvdia's own NVaGP.

Do you think I should try

BTW, I saw that Quodra is in the legacy list, so should I use a legacy driver?
Mine is quodra 110m using 8776
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