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Default Who here said the PS3 would cause Sony's demise?

I'm happy for Nintendo, but Sony is a beast.

Sony just announced its Q4 2006 profits, which dropped by 5.3% compared to 2005. The games divion lost $441 million in the last quarter alone, mostly due to the costly PS3 manufacturing process. Sony is selling the PS3 console at a big loss, estimated production cost is over $900. But itís not all bad news, as Sonyís other businesses did quite well to compensate for the loss. Their HDTVs and digital cameras, as well as successful movies like Casino Royale 007, contributed to an overall Q4 profit of $1.3 billion. This is significantly higher than Nintendoís record profits of $991 million for all of 2006. Analysts are still doubting the PS3 becasue of the weak start, resulting in Sonyís stock taking a modest hit on the Japanese market today.
And for those who are waiting to buy a PS3 like me....

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