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Question Problems with driver for GeForce FX 5200

I'm haveing problems instaling the '' driver. The reason i want to install the driveris so that i can use the AIGLX with 3D Desktop effects in KDE.

After the driver is installed and i set up the 3D desktop to run with AIGLX 3D Desktop fx dosn't to start up, and runs KDE without the 3D effects. If I switch it to use Xgl I just get a white screen and have to use key comands to exit.

Here are some of the things that happened during installation.

No precompiled kernel was found
couldn't download one
installer compiled kernel

Warning: installer was forced to guess the x library path 'usr/lib' and the X module path 'usr/lib/xorg/modules'

my system information:
AGP controller:
82815 815 Chipset Host Bridge and Memory Controller Hub


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