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Default Re: More Crap From Sony....What's new?

Originally Posted by toxikneedle
without trying to crap on sony too much, especially since their execs constantly talk out of their ass. but why are they attacking the wii, it's humiliating for anyone at sony to look at wii as a direct competitor for the ps3. i doubt anyone interested in ps3 type games, would buy a wii instead, and visa versa. they shouldn't even talk about the wii, focus on sony stuff or maybe bash ms every now and then.
I kinda agree with that, to some degree (there are people that are interested in both, im sure). To be fair though, they did say themselves it's not in the same "catagroy"

Now, Karraker has turned his eye toward Nintendo's Wii, telling The New York Times that the system didn't belong in the same category as the PlayStation 3.
Anyways, it's all PR at the end of the day. And PR is usually FUD no matter who it comes from.
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