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Default Tyan Tiger MPX + Quadro4 750 Freezes

Hi all,

We are using RH 7.3 with kernel 2.4.18-3 smp

this is our system configuration

Tyan Tiger MPX motherboard
Dual 2400MP Cpu's
2GB DDR Ram-Kingston PC2100 512MB ECC Reg Modules
PNY Quadro4 750XGL OpenGL Card with 128mb ( AGP)
Adaptec Raid Card 2400A connected to 120GB x 4 Nos in Raid5 Mode
80GB (7200rpm ) system Drive
Intel Gigabit Server Adapter
Pioneer DVD Drive
1.44 FDD
Two 19inch monitors
Nvidia Linux Drivers Version: 1.0-4363
Operating System: Linux IA32
Release Date: April 24, 2003

We are facing random crashes on this system many times in a day, the crashes
normally either makes both our monitors blank out and the keyboard will freeze and we
have to either do a Reset or Power Off and then Power on the system

The crashes do not occur at any particular place, it crashes sometimes while working in our Compositing
application - SHAKE or while coping files

I have gone through the Linux Discussion forum and looks like this problem was faced by
many people using AMD based systems.
( we have two Xeon based systems with same configuration and they run SMOOTHLY all the

From what I have understood is that people having been talking about the following points
to solve these SMP freezes

1. Use the AGPGART patch for AMD systems .

Q: Should I use this ? If yes does the Nvidia 4363 drivers automatically do it or do I have to
compile the kernel in any way?

2. Mem=NoPentium setting

Should this setting be done on my AMD system? if yes how should I do it?

3. People have advised using the 2.4.18-10 kernel instead of the 2.4.18-3smp kernel I'm using

Pls advise which one should I use - or do u suggest using a new kernel version altogether?

4. noapic option at bootup?

Should I use this? if yes should it be done in bios or in the Linux Kernel?

I need to make my system stable as we are suffering in our Production schedules,
pls advise on the above points.

All yr inputs will be highly appreciated.


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