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Default Re: GRAW2 SP demo available on the Marketplace

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
I had one gripe with this game, for some reason when tapping the trigger to shoot in full auto, it would like stick and repeatedly fire until the clip ran out. WTF...

Thought it was a gamepad issue, but it's brand new and haven't had this issue with any other games at all. Tested about three other games to check and can't replicate the problem.

As if firing seems unresponsive or something.

I bubble tap it , then put the gamepad down and it stills fires..... wtf
I don't remember having this problem either but I'll check it out again tonight. Even if there is some problem with the auto fire I doubt something like that will make it into the finished product. GRAW 2 still has 2 months of development time left in UBISoft's schedule.
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