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Default Re: TwinView - Triple screen/multiple gfx cards support?

Originally Posted by urbanslayer
[...] and the performance with just Xinerama is awful.
I think that Xinerama actually scales pretty well: UMark-ONS gives
me 55.5 FPS on a single 7800GTX at 1600x1200 while a triple head
3840x1024 setup with two 7800GTX does 49.9 FPS ...
(First card: 2560x1024 twinview. Second card at 1280x1024
tied in with xinerama).

I'm using fvwm95 (KDE and Gnome simple don't fullfill my requirement),
so the problem with the missing TwinView-Xinerama extension when
Xorg Xinerama is active doesn't apply to me (because fvwm95 doesn't
use any Xinerama-Info anyway), but i would nevertheless be interessted
in a solution for that - maybe KDE or Gnome will fit my need at some
point in time in future :-)


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