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Default Re: Suse 10.2: Can't install nVidia drivers. Tried Everything.

Originally Posted by ninjagecko

I've tried for 13 hours (searching thousands of webpages) to install the nVidia drivers on OpenSuse 10.2. In a few minutes I'm going to install another OS... just letting people know what my problem was.

#1- Recommended Method: Yast

Installing via Yast doesn't work. The kernel module is installed, but cannot be mod-probed.
What do you mean by it can't be mod-probed? What errors are you getting if you try and modprobe it?


#2- Alternate Method: official installer from nVidia
Using the nVidia installer requires the proper kernel headers. It tries to find a pre-compiled header from nVidia's website, but fails. It attempts to build the drivers from source -- this clearly requires the kernel headers.

I acquire (using yast or smart) the package "linux-kernel-headers". I look in /lib/modules/... and find the version number: it matches `uname -s` except for the "-default" suffix. When the installer tries to build the drivers, it always returns the same error: [I can't find the kernel headers ... linux.h ... they're not in the directory]. Indeed, linux.h is nowhere to be found, except for /usr/include/linux. I thus try to point the installer to various other directories which actually have a kernel.h file, but to no avail -- in those cases, the installer complains that it can't be certain of the version of the headers, and quits. (There is no 'force' option.)

I heard of someone getting past this problem, but they said they simply did an "online update" -- which I haven't been able to do (because there's nothing to update).
Try grabbing the kernel-source package and see if that allows the installer to build the module.

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