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Default Re: My Xbox360 order

Originally Posted by Alaa
I am finalizing my Xbox 360 order. Please tell me if I missed something:

-2x Xbox Live 1600 Microsoft Points Card
-12 month live subscription

-Burnout Revenge
-Call of Duty 3
It is/will be important that you register your location as being in the country you are getting the points card from. As strange as it sounds, points cards from the USA do not work on Canadian XBL accounts. Otherwise if you have a credit card (visa, mastercard), I would recommend either finding a points/subscription bundle (I got a extra headset with my subscription card), or simply buying the points online through XBL. I'm sure everyone would agree that buying a points card that you cannot use would be quite a tragedy.
For burnout revenge, and I have not played it, I've read some so-so reviews on it. While PGR3 isn't a option, you may want to look into NFS:Carbon? There are a number of websites out there that can give comparative reviews.
COD3, I played the demo and given more time in my life would buy the game. As it goes the graphics are more of a port/minor upgrade but the game is still quite a bit of fun. If you are fine with that, then there is no reason not to buy it.
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