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Default Re: 1080i Bug with Component Video Output 6150

The problem is that everything is just tinted way blue. It is as if there is no red or green in the picture. It is not a cabling problem because I can boot back to XP and it looks just fine. It has to be a linux driver problem. Using the NVIDA X server settings tool I canít fix it by changing the gamma or other corrections. Any ideaís what to look at next? What does you Xorg-conf file look like?
I too am getting the 'blue tinted' screen while using X-> gdm on FC6. It could be that it's black & white and just shows up as a blue tint due to the over-powered blue on my panasonic pt47" rear-projection.
My windows 2003 config on the same box could output 1080i and 1024x768 fine, with all the right colors.

I notice if I switch to the 'nv' drivers in the xorg.conf, I can't see anything but skinny bars. The 'nvidia' driver is working fine except for that blue is the only color. I can actually watch blue tinted HDTV with MythTV fine through my Divco fusion5 gold card.

When the box boots up, and in the command line, the colors are fine (720x480 i think).

Is this a PAL/NTSC problem?... I have almost a very basic xorg.conf setup with just the 'nvidia' driver section added, running at 1024x768.
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