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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

Almost forgot about this thread...

Well for the people that want to dismiss Amazon sales ,and think that only bluray users buy online.. Atlonxp1800 already posted sales figures of DVD empire ,which shows a clear lead for BLuray..

But for the skeptics... here are more sales numbers.. thx to N-D. of B3d for this..

The first two weeks worth of data seem to back up what many predicted — that the Blu-ray enabled PS3 is helping Sony quickly close the gap with HD DVD, with almost three Blu-ray discs sold for every one HD DVD during the first week of January.
a discussion...

* More than 70% of people buying a PS3 have a strong interest in acquiring movies for it.

* Until the PS3 was launched, software sales were probably three to one in HD DVD's favor.

* Once the PS3 came out, BD volume per title grew something like 700%.

Not bad!! 3 to 1. ANd with the limited supplies of the PS3. it looks like there will be more distance in the close future.

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