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Default Re: XBox 360 games comparison on SDTV vs HDTV

Originally Posted by 2ndBattalionJub
Seriously, everything about this thread is wrong...
-The chosen example is one that is constantly chosen for this sort of thing because of the unusually drastic effects from HDTV to SDTV. Actually, I don't think that the HDTV version of this game has very good graphics to begin with... Image transfer reduced quality as well. Unlike most people who try to make it seem so horrible, I've actually played the 360 on both SDTV and HDTV many times, not just dug up pictures on the internet... When I tried out Oblivion on SDTV after playing it on an HDTV, the only difference i could tell was that the HDR effects weren't quite as great on SDTV, but that's really it. The graphics themselves are still there, vibrant and shiny as ever, and MUCH better than anything you'll find on current gen systems anyway (XBOX, PS2, GC). People who try to compare it to an old PS2 title don't have any idea...

In denial I see.
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