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Originally posted by sancheuz
Exactly. You guys are right. The radeon is extremely fast. The nv30 will be extremely fast. But it seems to me that it will be a wiser choice to wait for the nv30, unless, you have lots of money and then you just get yourself a r300 and then the nv30. But i really think that the nv30 will be faster, But you know who cares if its 5 percent or 10 percent faster. GAmes wont use that speed for a long time. I really dont think someone with a geforce4 ti should be in a hurry to get a radeon 9700 though, unless you unnesesarily want to play a ut2k3 at 1600 and at 4x aa ect ect and all at 100 fps +.
Radeon 9700 to NV30 wouldn't really make sense. Why not get myself a Radeon 9700 and then a NV35 just 6-8 months later? That would be so sweet!!
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