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Default Issues: display dies when X quits

Hello everyone.

I'm using a Compaq V3100 with integrated GeForce Go 6150; lspci gives:
00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51 PCI Express Bridge (rev a2)
It works fine. The only issue is, when I exit xorg, the display is covered with short white horizontal lines on a black background. I can still interact with the system, as long as I don't mind a total lack of output, but only rebooting gets my display back.

I don't know what to search for, and I've never heard of issues like this before. There aren't any errors in my Xorg logs, or any other logs that I've found. I've tried booting with pci=nommconf, with the only change being the number of lines.

Any ideas what's wrong?

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