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Default Re: spend my money!!!

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
In your price range look at these.

Samsung 1080p DLP HLS87 series - 56", 61"
JVC 1080p LCoS FN97 series - 56", 61"
Sony 1080p LCoS A2000 series - 55", 60"
Toshiba 1080p DLP HM196 series - 58", 62"

Stay away from LCD projection at all costs (as well as CRT projection) and there's no big LCD screens in your price range. A 46"+ 1080p LCD is probably $3500-$4000+.

I would get either the JVC 61" or Sony 60" if I were you. They are both around $2400 at Best Buy (fantastic price IMHO).
thanks, this is exactly what im looking you own any of these?
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